Open Source Project

Hi I would like to invite every one on participating in my open source project( pls see the link below ). It is a LMS project that has a vision to improve the teaching strategies of instructors but at the same time concerned on how to help the students on their learning methods. If ever you have a question or a suggestion regarding the project just let me know so that we could discussion about it. Thanks

ps. also as you can see the projects name is too generic and long, if ever you have a good suggestion then talk to me so that we can have it in a list and have a vote which one is better.

Sure, I’ll join the project.

I would like to join too. Will check the repo tomorrow, Im currently on my phone.

Sure, will join the party… :slight_smile:

To those who are joining the project you are very much welcome in the group. Just go to the link I added above and let’s all have fun coding time :slight_smile: