Open Positions in Trieste, Italy

Dear all,

I apologize for using the list for a job ad, but hope it can interest some of you. We are urgently seeking a web developer comfortable with Rails and AJAX within a bioinformatics team at CBM, in Trieste, Italy. CBM is a new research center with very active genomics, bioinformatics, imaging and nanotechnology laboratories. We are seeking a talented individual who is not only comfortable with the technologies involved, but also able to establish good working relationships with all the laboratories, scientific collaborators and customers to develop cutting edge web interfaces to complex biomedical data. Background in scientific applications and/or bioinformatics is highly beneficial but not required.

Candidates will undergo a phone/Skype interview first, followed by a one to one meeting where possible. Salary will be commensurate with experience and competitive on an international level.

CBM is located in Area Science Park, a vibrant campus with over 2,000 scientists, 100 companies, several research centers and 2 Universities.

Trieste is located close to the border between Italy and Slovenia, a 10 minute drive to the seaside and half an hour drive to the alps.

If interested, contact me directly,

thank you and regards,

Elia Stupka