Open ID Install the ruby-openid gem to enable OpenID support

I have installed "sudo gem install ruby-openid" successfully then installed the plugin.

"script/plugin install"

the error i get is "no such file to load -- openid/extensions/sreg" and in the console "Install the ruby-openid gem to enable OpenID support"

i'm using rails 2.0.2 and open-id 2.0.4.

in script/console "puts OpenID::VERSION" yeilds "2.0.4"

"puts OpenID::SRed" yeilds "nil"

yet when i "open /opt/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/ruby-openid-2.0.4/lib/openid/extensions"

i clearly see sreg.rb in the folder

a few people have mentioned the need to patch the plugin using "" though I think this is only for openid authentication plugin's that are pre 2.0, and i have no idea how to implement the patch if i did indeed need it.

If anyone else had the same problem and fixed it, or if you need some more info about my setup before you can help, then please let me know!!