online defect tracking tool recommendation? (with SVN integration ideally)

(to correct list this time)

bump - still interested if anyone can recommend a reasonable/free online defect tracking tool ? (and
ideally could point to one’s subversion repository - i.e. create a
defect, get a defect number, commit the change to SVN with the defect
number in the description, then when you are in the defect tracking
tool you should be able to say “show me the files I changed when I
fixed this defect”)

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Hi Greg,

A lot of people[1] use Trac[2]. I’ve installed it at Dreamhost[3]. Not as fun as Disneyland, but certainly doable. And it plays nice with Subversion.





Trac gets very close to what you're describing. Ticket to check-in
mapping is possible in Trac by referring to the ticket number from the
checkin (using the standard [NNN] and #NNN notation) and vice versa.
Trac will auto-hyperlink the numbers so that you can easily switch back
and forth between the two.

It would be nice if Trac built this into its logic somehow, but it's
very easy to pick up the habit of referencing things this way.

The best part about Trac is the rest of the SVN integration. Checkins
are made beautiful, the whole SVN repo can be referenced from the wiki
using simple syntax, etc etc.

Here's an example of a checkin:

I don't know why I'm getting so gungho about Trac, but it's definitely
been a tool I could not live without...

Greg Hauptmann wrote:

tks - what do you recommend between Collaboa and Trac in fact? Should I consider Collaboa because of ease of installation? Is any extra effort worth the pain to get Trac installed? (I use dreamhost)

I noted in the Dreamhost Trac install instructions it said “For users that would like the features of Trac but the advantage of an esier installation, take a look ate Collaboa (, and open-source bug tracking system with Subversion support, just like Trac”.

Tks again

Actually, is there an already installed / free online defect tracking system (ideally with SVN integration back to my SVN repository) that someone could recommend?

I’m not really up to trying to install Trac on my Dreamhost account + also noting I’m doing this more from a hobbiest point of view => would be easier for me to use an existing online defect tracker (
e.g. register, create project, configure my SVN url ideally for integration)


bump (still would be real interested to hear if something exists here)