OneLogin releases SAML for Ruby

We have just published a neat little toolkit for those of you who are interested in SAML-enabling your enterprise application. SAML is a standards-based single sign-on protocol, which allows an identity provider to securely log users into an application without a password. Some of the advantages of SAML that you avoid passwords altogether and can centralize access control at your identity provider.

OneLogin's SAML kit supports both service provider and identity provider initiated web SSO and comes with a working example application. If you sign up for a free trial with OneLogin, you can also test the example app or your own code with a live identity provider.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are interested in partnering with OneLogin.

Hi there, thanks for releasing this toolkit. Does "supports both service provider and identity provider initiated web SSO" means you can run identity provider service with this toolkit?

Also, does anyone have experience with saml2ruby gem? Looks like these are the only 2 saml libraries I can find, and both has limited documentation. If I need to implement identity provider service which library is best to use?

thanks! - reynard

None of those will give you SAML identity provider functionality. They are both SAML service provider interfaces.

- Christian

Thanks for the reply, So I guess there is no ruby implementation for SAML IdP service yet (or at least not open source one).

- reynard

We are looking for a senior Rails 3 developer to stand up an environment that will host and administer user accounts, integrate with SAML / Oauth endpoints (like OmniAuth, Facebook, Twitter and others) and support eCommerce transactions (like Paypal or other third-party credit card processing APIs). Bare bones UI functionality is fine from this person, but rock-solid middleware and backend knowledge is a must, especially on the authentication and database integration piece.

Anyone available?