old ticket on trac, how to find on lighthouse?


The following ticket was on trac http://dev.rubyonrails.org/ticket/8886

Were all old tickets moved over to lighthouse and if so is there an easy way to find it. (All attempts so far have failed)


The old tickets weren't moved, that's why we've kept trac running. If you want to start working on it, you should either continue to work on trac, or manually move it over to lighthouse.

However the sql server adapter isn't maintained with rails anymore.

To that end, there is a rails-sqlserver-adapter google group that you might want to join to discuss ongoing development of it: http://groups.google.com/group/rails-sqlserver-adapter/

Also, the adapter is on github if you want to start patching and such like. The initial project imported from the old svn-repo is here: http://github.com/tomafro/rails-sqlserver-adapter/ and there are a bunch of forks where people are trying stuff out.

I’m not sure what the best place to maintain bugs against it is though. Clearly lighthouse is where everyone is hanging out, but I don’t know how the rails core team feel about external adapters using their bug tracker.