Off-topic question about Mac SVN clients


Depending on my clients needs, I either use Windows or Mac for my Rails
development platform. TortoiseSVN is fantastic and one of the reasons
why I haven't switched to Mac completely.

I don't mind the command line, but managing big projects via CLI is not
that attractive to me. I've tried SVNX, SmartSVN and several other
graphical tools, but haven't really found anything close to Tortoise.
I noticed that Tigris has a project that appears to be stalled that
implemented finder SVN functionality on the Mac.

Is there a better SVN client for the Mac? Do most Mac-based Rails
developers use the command line SVN client? I'd be more than happy to
donate to a project to help it along.



The interface needs a little work, but it is in active development and
will improve.