ODBC Adapter woes


You can find detailed installation and configuration information at

After installing the gem, enable loading of the adapter by editing
your Rails project's config/environment.rb script:
* Add a require to your config/environment.rb immediately after the
             require File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'boot')
             require File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'boot')
             require 'odbc_adapter'

You'll need to define an ODBC DSN for your data source, then reference
this in your database.yml file.
Your database.yml file should contain something similar to:

  adapter: odbc
  dsn: b606_vos_localhost_rails_dev
  username: rails_dev
  password: rails_dev
  emulate_booleans: true
  trace: false

with a similar entry for your test: environment.

The emulate_booleans entry isn't needed if the database has a native
BOOLEAN type. See the 'Usage Information' and 'Database Specific
Notes' sections of http://odbc-rails.rubyforge.org.

The odbc-rails gem includes detailed RDoc information. (Run gem_server
and point your browser to http://localhost:8808 to see the local RDoc

Also, ensure you set the RUBYOPT environment variable:
set RUBYOPT=-rubygems
Otherwise you may see a "undefined method `cattr_accessor'" error

Hope this helps

Carl Blakeley