Ocra: can't execute the executable

Hi all!

I was very excited when i find out Ocra, that was exactly what i needed!
but... unfortunately i can't make my executable work.

I create everything without any errors
- i make my rails app

- i create a file init.rb that makes "load script/server"

- i create a single rb file with tar2rubyscript foldername

- i run ocra --console filename.rb

- i add this line at the top of filaname.rb: "exit if
Object.const_defined?(:Ocra)". (without this, after he launchs the
server, how can i make create the executable? if i stop the server it
does not create it!)

- filename-exe -> "missing the rails 2.3.5 gem...."

obviously i have this version of rails!

(but shouldn't it be a standalone executable? he should have all the
gems inside!)

thank you for your attention