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Obsidian. It's metastable.
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=== Model Update Tracker
This library allows you to functionally test updates to models with clearer and more focused intent.

It forces you to have a better understanding of how your Objects interact and let's you demonstrate
that knowledge by putting it in your tests. For example instead of writing a test like so

assert_difference Asset :count do

  post :create, :asset => {}

you would write your test like so

assert_models_created(Asset) do
  post :create, :asset => {}

Now if an asset really created multiple other objects such as an asset owner and a location the above

test would fail stating that it expected more to happen. This is where you excercise your deep domain
knowledge muscles and make your new obsidian powered test pass.

assert_models_saved(Asset, AssetOwner, Location) do

  post: create, :asset => {}

You have just done youself a great service. If for some reason you change code that affects your
object model and things fall out of place this test will catch that regression error where the original

assert_difference may not. There are also a whole host of other methods you can use with model update
tracker that provide functionality for updates, deletes, and no_difference assertions.

* assert_models_created(models)

* assert_models_updated(models)
* assert_models_destroyed(models)
* assert_no_models_created
* assert_no_models_destroyed
* assert_no_models_updated

gem install obsidian