Observer Form

I have a form observer wich posts back a form correctly, however, i need to know which item caused the form observer to trigger and what the value of that field is. At the moment i get the whole form back but dont know which field triggered the call back.

<%= observe_form('test',                  :on => 'click',                  :url => {:controller => 'test', :action => 'test'},                  :before => "'imgSpinner')",                  :success => "Element.hide('imgSpinner')") %>


How many fields are you monitoring in this form? It may be worth while to have it using observe_field rather than observe_form, because that should be able to pass in what the name of the element is that triggered it.

Ye thats what i would normally do but im having an issue where the field observer will only work once and then wont trigger again. Ive found away around that issue but was wondering if there was an easy way to submit the form but als the element that has triggered the form event.

Ryan Bigg wrote: