Dear all,

I have a question which is driving me crazy

Kindly look the below code

In my public folder

=> this is my live chat file path

for the above chat file images are in the following path

=> this image is shown in the chat file

<%= link_to image_tag("backup.png",:title => "view
chat"),"/Server_exe/#{log.file_path}", :popup => true %>

when clicking on the above link i show the live(the files which are not
moved to the archive location)chat files on a browser window these chat
files are located in our rails applications public directory.this works
just fine.that chat file can contain images with it.and this method
properly opens a browser window and shows the chat file with
this case i don get any problem since it shows the chat file as it as
they are.

But when i move these chat files to the archived location i wil be
running into the problem

Archive location is D:/temp

so these files wiil be moved to the above location when archive
functionlity is taking place.

Archived folder structure

D:\Temp\ChatHistory\2010-01-10\2010-01-10\1~Vs~2\1~Vs~2.html => this is
my archived chat file path

=> this image is shown in the chat file

So to view the archived chat file from the archive location i use method
like below...

<%= link_to image_tag("backup.png",:title => "view chat"),{:action =>
"open_file",:file_path => @file_path},{:target => '_new'} %>

def open_live_file

Your question is too complex for me to fully understand without
spending a lot of time examining it, however your web server will not
be able to access files in d:/temp, if this is what you are trying to
do (unless you have the server setup in a strange way). Generally all
static files that wish to serve should stay under the public folder.

If this does not help have a look at the html that is not working and
see what is wrong with it.

If that still does not help simplify the problem to one that is more
easily understood and re-post.