Normalize dates taht are entered in more then one way.

Hi all,

I’m looking for a function, gem, etc. that will help to unify dates as they come in different formats. If the date comes in (1/2/2012,2012-01-02,01-02-2012,20120102,01022012, etc.) it would be nice to have it come out 2012-01-02. I’ve searched for a few days and only find ways to convert this format to that format. I might be using the wrong search terms and this may have already been addressed, if so, I apologize. In my previous PERL app I wrote a long If Else type converter that would test the date and then convert it in a specific order but I’m sure someone has solved it better then I could.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


Where are the dates coming from?


The standard Date class can do parsing for some basic formats:


But you should probably expect input that will be ambiguous. I’m not sure how you want to resolve that, unless you give your users “region” preferences, so they can select the format they prefer to use. (You need to know what “1-2-2000” means: can you just decide if it’s MDY or DMY?)

Andrew Vit