noob simple question create custom options_for_select

Hello everyone,

I’m starting learning ruby on rails and i have a question that maybe is more about ruby but anyway.

I have a table with 2 columns type and value and i would like to create a select that had like options all the values but for certain types they should appear as the text.

I want to achieve something like:

Select the option: <select id="condition" name="condition">

<option value="private">private</option>
<option value="public">public</option>

<option value="tkk">Group tkk</option>
<option value="tkk">Group Rails</option>

<option value="tkk">Group The great school</option>
<option value="testi1">User testi1</option></select>

<option value="testi1">User testi2</option></select>

<option value="testi1">User testi3</option></select>

In my example i would like that all the lines that is related to users or groups has the type in the select text.

Can i use select or should be select_tag and also how can i create this default options if they come from the database and i have to do some “coding” before put into the select?

Any tips will be appreciated.

Thank you!

Before you go any further I suggest that you read,
particularly the caveats listed at the bottom of the article. Except
in extraordinary circumstances adopting an eav model defeats the
purpose of a relational database system from the outset.