No route matches with {:method=>:get} Error in AWDWR Book

Hi I'm working on the AWDWR book and I'm on the admin section of the
book. I have rails 2 installed on my machine and I have ran into an
error when I created my controller login but when I go to
http://localhost:3000/login/index I get this error:

No route matches "/login/index" with {:method=>:get}

I haven't touched the routes.rb file and when I generated the controller
I went:

ruby script/generate controller Login add_user login logout index
delete_user list_users

The controller and views files were created correctly. Any help would be


  Have you tried just "/login"?

  Best regards,

Such a noob thing to do. I'm a PHP developer making the transition to
rails and I forgot about the webbrick server and how sometimes you need
to restart it, so when I restarted the webbrick server it was all good.

Now if I can only figure out how to develop on windows using mongrel and
apache that would be awesome!