nginx and mongrel, more info


Where I can find more info on how to nginx and mongrel boot when the
machine reboots ?

In os x, please. In Linux world I found some scripts but they don't work
and don't go in the same place as OS X.



Check out the directory /Library/StartupItems/ in which you'll find
directories for user added systems that need to be started at
boottime. Typically, there will be a directory for your printer
(assuming you have one attached) as well as a directory for mysql and/
or postgresql.

The start/stop script and plist live there - naming convention seems
to be:
   scriptname == /Library/StartupItems/DirectoryName
   plistname == StartupParameters.plist

Here's a script and plist for mysql as an example.


Hi Rick,

I know this place, what I'm not sure if I had really to start-up mongrel
executing the spin file that's inside the scripts folder.

That file is created by Capistrano when doing a deploy, and Capistano
can execute it, but I'm total newbiew here when it's a restart or after
a shut-down ....