Newbie question

That is not correct syntax. It looks like you are missing the name of
the hash. I should look something like:

<%= 'here is a title ' + some_hash[:sidebar_title] %>

Where some_hash is a hash defined in your controller. If you pasted the
code from your controller, I could help you further.

Jables wrote:

I haven't looked in depth at the Beast code, but that looks like it's
there for internationalization. Cf. the Gibberish plugin [1], which
overrides String#[] for this purpose. :sidebar_title is an index into a
translation table (for other languages), while the string is there so
that English-speaking developers can modify without breaking too much


That makes sense, just looks strange at first glance. I haven’t had to
deal with internationalization yet luckily.

Jables wrote: