Newbie problem with destroy

croceldon :

I made a web application using scaffold and ruby on rails. It's just a
very basic blog that I'm using for testing and learning.

Everything's going great, except when I want to delete an entry.
Here's my code for the delete link:

<%= link_to 'delete', { :action => "destroy" }, :id =>, :post
=> true %>

When I click this link, I get an error with the following error:

Couldn't find Entry without an ID

the :id => pair is in the wrong hash : you put in the last
one whereas it must be in the first one :

<%= link_to 'delete', { :action => "destroy", :id =>}, :post => true %>

it can be written like that as well :

<%= link_to 'delete', { :action => "destroy", :id =>}, {
:post => true } %>

    -- Jean-François.