[Newbie] Help with Simple Association Question

Greetings RoR Friends! I would SO APPRECIATE your help with a question. I have read the Rails Guides, Stack Overflow, and tutorials but still seem to fail at grasping some basic RoR Association Conventions.

I will share with you the gist of the project layout and a picture of my models and associations. Please let me know if this is correct. Especially if the "has_and_belongs_to_many is reduntant.

Overview: A web application where a church profile can be logged into by multiple users. These users will upload sermons which can be viewed from the church profile. The church profile categorizes the sermons based on either the speaker, a series, or a topic. That’s it!

Here is a picture of my models. Is this the correct way?

What about your sermon model? I think this would be the more important one so that we could help you out.

Some stuff that could help:

  • will a specific user only have access to one church? or more than one?

  • what is the role of the speaker? is it just the user who posted the sermon or some sort of author of it? not necessarily being the user that submitted it?

  • about speakers, series and topics, those are just for simply filtering the given sermons?

I think that just reading through tutorials is not enough. Work right
through a good tutorial such as railstutorial.org (which is free to
use online) including doing all the exercises and so on. That will
give you a much better understanding of what rails is all about. It
will take a few days but you will re-coup that very rapidly.


I think you have some of the rough ideas correct.

Regarding the speaker and sermon. You only need HABTM between speaker and sermon if a sermon has more than one speaker. Otherwise you can use the regular has_many. But you seem to have a grasp of this so you may realize this.

Also for topics you may want to use a Rails tagging gem instead of your own topic model. You can investigate this one which the most popular: https://github.com/mbleigh/acts-as-taggable-on

Also you have the fields incorrect for your HABTM. in a HABTM association the id table will be separate.

This is an image which was very helpful for me: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/766146/ruby-on-rails-data-relationships.png