New version of the ibm_db gem is now available

Hi All,

New Version ( 1.1.0 ) of the ibm_db gem is now available along with
the latest DB2, version V9.7, available for the community. This
release of the gem provides support for the Activerecord’s Query Cache
Mechanism. It exploits the new features of the latest DB2 V9.7 like
rename column support and parameterized timestamp column support along
with various other enhancements like using prepared statement
completely in the insertion of LOB/XML, rename column support for zOS
9 and enhanced rename column support of Informix Dynamic Server.

Supporting the new DB2 right from day one along with the above
mentioned features and enhancements ibm_db gem will accept
contributions from the community.

So what more to wait for go ahead and grab your copy of the new DB2
Express-C, the no-charge version, from
and the ibm_db gem from

As always write in to us with your comments, suggestions and

Your feedback is welcome and expected through the rubyforge rubyibm