New URLs not working on live apache but on webrick its working fine.

Here, I got a project for maintenance. I am told to create new feature to delete entry comments. I completed this feature easily. using ajax with DELETE method. But I found it is not working on the live server in case of using apache. In live server if I use webrick it is working perfectly in server as well as in my local server. all other URL,functionality

1. One more thing I want to let you know , URL is like (sistema is symbolic-link) 2. declarative_authorization is used in the project . Can it be the reason? But I am logged in as admin.

What could be the reason!! please help me??

After deploying your code to production did you restart Apache?


Hi Bryan,

I got the solution,

  1. I had problem with my routing .
  2. Also declarative_authorization was telling me to fallow their rules (restricting variable names…) and I used “Delete” method in jQuery Ajax.Due these all above problem I was not able to run my code into live server. Now its ok.

THANKS… Thanks.