New to Ruby Need some help.

Eric Raio wrote:

I just got an interesting repository from github and I have been trying
diligently to get this app to work. This seems like a general error to
me but I do not understand how to fix it.

There are much, much better ways to learn Rails than finding interesting GitHub projects. GitHub contains many jewels, and it is also nothing but a big backup server. Don't expect every project there to be fully productized!

For example, when I tried "magic_the_gathering", I could not get past this:

   $ rake db:migrate:reset
   undefined method `files' for ImportCards:Module

Now notice that all the files have the same times stamp, I suspect from last year, and all the files have only one version, so maybe we are looking at something that someone got working on their own desktop (with a stray 'files' field in their database!) and then tossed onto GitHub and never got back to!

Ask the author if she or he wants to return to this project...