New to Rails

I am trying to setup as per the instructions in step and I am completly lost.
Why are $ signs shown on lines to input? Windows does not understand them.

In a unixy environment $ denotes the prompt - you don’t type it.

I think I have got a error running Rails Server as it hangs in the command prompt screen and won’t accept any typed commands.

That’s normal: once you’ve started the server it runs until you quit it - you can’t type any more commands into that command prompt.

I am a PHP programmer at the moment and I find this extreamely difficult to understand. The instructions are not clear, they assume that the user understands what is going on, which is not always the case.

I comparison WAMP was a dodle to install.

Can someone advise where I go from here?

You might find a more windows centric set of instructions easier to follow, or if you can link to the instructions you are following and describe where you are stuck someone should be able to help out.