New to rails, model design advice needed

Hi folks. Long time lurker, first time poster.

I am taking the plunge into learning rails by scratching a small itch and creating a daily status board for the ambulance service I work for. The daily briefing for a given day will look something like this: is for sale | HugeDomains

I've worked through a couple of excellent books on rails but I a still a bit uncertain on the best way to lay out a model for this. So far, considering each section as an object, I have:

daily_briefing      fields: date, scas shift, fire shift, refs to included objects for that day(?) weather      fields: hi, lo, chance rain / snow, cloudiness our_staffing      fields: vehicle, person1, person2      has many: people other_staffing      fields: vehicle, person1, person2, in_service? open_shifts      fields: date, description vehicles      vehicle_number, location, issues      has many: vehicles_issues vehicles_issues      vehicle, issue, date_resolved      belongs to: vehicles safety_msg      fields: string quarters      fields: location, issue description, date resolved trainings_meetings      fields: date, time, location, description special_events      fields: date, start time, end time, location, description road_closures      fields: start date, end date, description notes      fields: kill date, description people      fields: last_name, first_name, certification, email

So, what is correct here? What is missing?

Also, what is the best way to take these individual objects and make sure that the appropriate ones appear on the daily briefing for a given day? I had thought to reference them in an object for that date, but that seems a bit off.