New Ruby On Rails Group to Connect Midwest Developers

Join: Midwest Ruby On Rails Developers | Facebook

Generally don't bother to look at unexplained links. Why should anyone be interested?

Very good point, especially to a facebook link. Atleast in this case the title gave some description.

I was in, until you said Facebook. Then I was out.

Yeah ... Facebook ... not for me either ... now google groups ... I'll join in a flash.

Lol. Calm down it’s not like you have to like each other’s FB’s or become friends and tickle fight one another.

Ruby on Rails for FB is starting to grow and the reason why I chose FB is because people spend more time on FB then anywhere else. Unlike most FB users, if you’re like other developers that are passionate about cutting edge apps, you typically don’t spend most of your time trending Miley Cyrus or talking about Dancing with the Stars.

So after being sick of everyone’s FB content, I decided to create this group and am happy to share my ideas with everyone in the group and learn from them to. If you think you might lose mojo hipster-cool pints from joining and that you won’t benefit from professional or personal networks then it’s your loss. Otherwise the invitation is there.

An opaque FB link doesn't tell me or give me any reason to click on it.

If you're creating a FB ruby page/community, okay, but you might just give a hint next time.

Sorry boss - new to Google groups. Thanks for the plug!