New Rails site to create a reservation system for your own site

Hi All,

My first RoR project just went live. It's a free (ad supported)
service that let's you quickly create a reservation system to
integrate into your own site. So if you are building something that
needs a reservation system check it out at

I'd love to hear if you think this is useful and wether you would use
it on your own projects.


Your site looks awesome. Could you please give some pointers on how you integrated Google calendar with Rails app?

The limitations of Google Calendar were actually one of the things
that prompted me to do a 'better' Google Calendar (better for this
particular purpose that is). So it's a complete rewrite from the
ground up. But judging from the Rails proficiency displayed on your
own site you probably knew that already :wink: (BTW: the site is fully
ical aware so you can publish/subscribe a SuperSaaS schedule to Google
calendar if you want to use some of the features over there too)