New Rails App :

I don't know why are saying that but the author should imperatively
find out a designer! he is decreasing the website potential with the
current design. And you could really make great business.

Not convinced ? take a look at designs here:
they're all rails projects, may some of them are business class web
app, but you can get ideas and improve greatly the site's graphics.

One advice: think simple.

Mahmoud M'HIRI
phone: Under request

That design is totally Terrible.

BUT, it might appeal to the youth who are looking for the books
BUT ...
the design takes away from your goal

the colors clash and its hard to read, counter intuitive to a site
that is to help people SELL or BUY books, therefore the site needs
first to BE readable

You have set peoples eyes off (a negative) and probably their brains
(because of the poor color choices) remember ... first impressions

I agree, you need some GUI Work done by a professional.

What are your users saying about the site design, if anything?

have fun ....

for DIY developers

I agree that the design really could use some professional work to
really blow this app to full potential. The forms do look clunky and
the legibility is IMHO low. I urge you take the advice of many others
and mine as well.

You have a great idea and the functionality wise I really like your
app. I wish that would've been available to me when I went to college.
I don't know how big a user base you have right now. Since you just
launched I think it would be fairly small. You are not going to freak
out anybody with a more usable design, on the contrary. I'm guessing
you might still be on campus and there will be one or more designers
there, too. Get in touch and at least let them give you some pointers
and hints.