New project posting for a Cambridge MA based start-up

Zeegos is a startup based in Cambridge Massachusetts that is
developing a new IM platform. We are seeking a Ruby on Rails savvy
architect on a consulting basis who has experience building scalable
advertisement supported consumer services

Must have:
* 5+ years experience in consumer web-based development and instant
messaging environments; knowledge of latest web technologies (Ruby on
Rails, LAMP, AJAX, etc.)
* been Director or VP Engineering of one or more early stage
companies, and/or Senior Architect/Technical Lead in a larger company
* a solid understanding of high traffic, ad supported web site
* refrenceable projects and clients

* Detail architecture, design and engineering specification for V1.0
of the service (Functional specification will be provided)
* Operational site with all elements of a scalable architecture
integrated (i.e.., IM client, cookies, IM server, affiliate marketing
network, database, and a web crawler that gathers online data);
'stubbed' code when necessary for follow-up implementation team

We are looking for top talent and the proposal selection will not be
cost based. We will finalize the contract based on demonstrated
expertise and experience. An interest in joining our team on a full
time basis will be a plus but is not necessary.

If you are looking for an immediate challenge and want to play a role
in an exciting new Web 2.0 company then please submit your resume and
portfolio information. We will share the detailed functional
specification after reviewing the fit and qualifications.