New plugin: Flagger

Hi all,

I've just put out a plugin for ActiveRecord that stops you having to write repetitive bundles of methods such as

  class Order < ActiveRecord::Base     def self.paid       find_all_by_paid(true)     end

    def self.unpaid       find_all_by_paid(false)     end

    def mark_as_paid       update_attribute(:paid, true)       # related tasks     end

    def mark_as_unpaid       update_attribute(:paid, false)       # related tasks     end   end

It gives you dynamic attribute-based methods similar to these. You can use certain negative prefixes to look for false values - Order.unpaid returns orders where paid is false - and chain attributes together, as in Order.paid_and_delivered, Cocktail.shaken_but_not_stirred, etc. More info here:

I'd really appreciate a few people kicking its tyres in anything other than MySQL, or in Rails versions 1.0.x (is anyone still using those). Comments/bugs/test reports are always welcome.