New gem, RemoteRecord - remote resources as first-class citizens. Seeking feedback!

Hey folks! I’m new to this forum, and relatively speaking, I’m pretty new to Rails too. But I’ve put together something I think you might like - RemoteRecord.

As the name suggests, it aims to make remote objects a little more friendly to deal with in Rails. If you’ve got the IDs of remote objects in your database, RemoteRecord populates instances of your records with their data from the API you’re dealing with. All you’ll need to do is tell it how to get that data, whether you’re using an API client for that or you’re hitting it straight with a HTTP client gem like Faraday.

I’ve just launched it - associated gems can be found under the topic on GitHub. We built an integration with Spotify on the raisedevs stream yesterday - hopefully that’ll serve as a good guide if you’d like to get stuck in!

RemoteRecord will rely on a strong community to succeed, so I’m seeking some feedback on what can be done to improve it at all levels - code, documentation, testing, and so forth. Would you use this library yourself? Is there anything that strikes you as being absent from it? Any questions that the documentation doesn’t answer? I’d appreciate anything you’ve got to offer.