New digest format a pain


While I was not particularly bothered by the move of the list, I do find
that it is difficult to scan the subject headings from the new digest -
there should be at least a blank line between items - see the OO lists:

users Digest 22 Aug 2006 09:07:03 -0000 Issue 4652

Topics (messages 129660 through 129690):

Re: Err:503 in spread sheet
        129660 by: CPHennessy

Re: How to Get More Templates
        129661 by: CPHennessy

Re: Conversion from PC to Mac
        129662 by: CPHennessy
        129671 by: James McKenzie

Re: remove word wrap newlines
        129663 by: CPHennessy

Re: problem with grafik
        129664 by: CPHennessy

Re: Concatenate a string in Calc
        129665 by: Bob Long
        129666 by: Walter A. March
        129667 by: Walter A. March
        129668 by: Ross Johnson
        129669 by: G. Roderick Singleton
        129683 by: Joe Conner

- much easier to read!