'.new' command

Using the ‘.new’ command, add a teacher to the data table with a name
of ‘Sam’.

Not even *trying* to pretend you're not just using the list to do your
homework, eh?

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--Matt Jones

Srinivas, you're behaving like an idiot, and as long as you make these
pathetic attempts to get others to do your homework, you'll continue to
be an idiot. Try actually reading and learning for yourself.

I just got finished sh--canning someone who looked great on paper
because a certain someone, *cough* recruiter *cough*, thought he "had to
be very smart, he had excellent grades in all his CS classes, and all
these certifications".

Turns out the guy doesn't know jack, but expected to be treated special
because he has this degree, and this certification and that
certification. He can go use those certs to start a campfire for all
the weight they carry with me.