New Business Unit/Team Cannot See Assigned Accounts/Records


I recently inherited a Dynamics 365 environment and am new to the system. I’m working on a new requirement to only allow certain users to view certain accounts. IE:

Person A can only see account A

Person B can only see account B

This environment has a single business unit accessing a custom entity. After doing research, I’ve made the following changes:

Created a new Business Unit as a child of the original

Assigned user A to the new business unit

Created and set user A with a single security role that only has Business Unit access the custom entity

Assigned account A to this new business unit’s default team

Unfortunately, all views for this user are showing as empty. Here are some tests I’ve run to try and resolve the issue:

Set all of the teams to have no security roles to avoid any permission crossover.

Tried making a team outside of the default BU team with the same results

Tried to individually assign a record to user A, which also does not show up in any view. Not sure why any records fail to show for this user.

Set the security role for the user to global on the entity in question and that, of course, shows everything. Anything less than global will not display any records for this user no matter where they are.

I'm not sure what this has to do with Ruby on Rails. As far as I can tell, Dynamics 365 is a Microsoft accounting application. Rails is an open-source framework for building Web applications. The only place their circles cross is that you could probably build a similar application as Dynamics 365 with Rails.