I have two app in rails that communicate between net/http:
In the first app controller is something like so:

    class WebservicesController < ApplicationController
      require 'net/http'
      require "uri"
       layout 'admin'
      def ws
            uri = URI("http://localhost:3001/api/ws")
            response = Net::HTTP.post_form(uri, {'campaign_id' => '1'})
             @res = response
       respond_to do |format|

In the second app controller is like that:

    class ApiController < ApplicationController
      def ws
                req =Smsq.find_by_campaign_id(params[:campaign_id])
               return req

        rescue Exception => exception
              return "NOK : #{exception.message}"

But response return: `#<Net::HTTPOK:0x000000090ab708>`

But how can i get the result for this query

`Smsq.find_by_campaign_id(params[:campaign_id])` in my first app??

I have result when i try to the console.

Thank you