Nested resources deletion


I managed to get the complex forms and nested resources described in to work.

But I'm having problems when deleting a sub item.

  def existing_task_attributes=(task_attributes)
    tasks.reject(&:new_record?).each do |task|
      attributes = task_attributes[]
      if attributes
        task.attributes = attributes

the tasks.delete(task) gives me a mysql error: Mysql::Error: Cannot add
or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails

My main item has several sub items and a sub item belongs to the main
item. In my mysql database, the constraint is set at the sub item table,
pointing to the main item id and on delete => cascade.

Anyone has an idea on what is going on? Why this is giving me an error?

It looks like when the delete action is executed, rails first updates
the sub item id to null instead of deleting it :s

looks like I solved the problem myself. Looks like when you say delete
it sets the id to null. I needed to use destroy.