nested resources and collection weirdness

I need the route /events/:event_id/races/edit, so:

  map.resources :events do |event|
    event.resources :races, :collection => {:edit => :get}

Which produces this:

edit_event_races GET /events/:event_id/races/edit(.:format)
{:action=>"edit", :id=>/[^\/.?]+/, :controller=>"races"}

This is exactly what I expected except for the weirdness over at :id

As a result, edit_event_races_path(@event) or edit_event_races_path
( is blowing up in my face:

edit_event_races_url failed to generate from
{:controller=>"races", :action=>"edit", :event_id=>#<Event id: 1,
name: "Ride Sally Ride">, :id=>/[^\/.?]+/}

Am I doing something wrong here?

I'm aware that the route /events/:event_id/races/:race_id/edit exists
but that is not what I want. My goal is to edit all the races
collectively, not individually, so I need the route mentioned above.

Sounds like what you're after is an "event/#/index" that:

1) paginates the associated "races" into a
2) table that can be editted by
2a) individual field
2b) selected groups of fields
3) with a save that only saves modified "race" records

I may be wrong but that doesn't sound like a restful route to me.