nested resources and ActiveResource

On the server application I have a admin controller

class Admin::ClientsController < ApplicationController    before_filter :authorize .

and this in my routes.rb:

   map.namespace :admin do |admin|      admin.resources :clients    end

On the client site:

class Client < ActiveResource::Base = '’      self.user = '1'      self.password = '1' end

What do I have to add on the client site to access the server? I just added

   map.namespace :admin do |admin|      admin.resources :clients    end

in the routes.rb file - without success.

The client only needs to access everything under /admin on the server.


I just inspected the logfile:

Processing ClientsController#show (for at 2008-08-18 20:40:44) [GET]    Session ID: a30a07484d1409d85cfb547c8694f496    Parameters: {"format"=>"xml", "action"=>"show", "id"=>"14", "controller"=>"admin/clients"} Asked for a remote server ? true, ENV["FERRET_USE_LOCAL_INDEX"] is nil, looks like we are not the server Will use remote index server which should be available at druby://localhost:9010

As I can see the client request is correct: controller"=>"admin/clients It's a bit confusing to me because of the missing "admin" in the browser's url.