Need opinions on a Rails app as a framework

I have an interesting use case for Rails and I would greatly appreciate this community’s opinion on the matter.
I’m curious if it’s possible to build a Rails app that can accomplish the following:

Environment stipulations

Look into Bundler, especially the ‘bundle install --deployment’ option. I package my app into a binary artifact (using .deb, as we run on Ubuntu), and then no internet access is required to bundle install and start the app server.

The caveat is, I don’t know what differences there are (if any) with JRuby. Would you package as a .WAR file? How does Bundler work? These are the things you should figure out. I would be quite interested if you could post back here with your solution!

I think you’re going to wind up fighting pretty hard against Bundler to do this. One good place to start is likely the Warbler community, as they’ve got experience deploying applications in a self-contained method as you’ve described.

I’d also recommend pushing back on the “absolutely no install” requirement; what’s the motivation? It seems to me like there’s not much space between users can “write files on the web server and restart it” and users who can run a command…

–Matt Jones