Need help with creating a Sidekiq Job

Let me explain the purpose for this job. I'm trying to remove orphan hashtags that aren't being used anymore (destroyed posts) This job would run once every month to clean out the database. I'm currently receiving variable/method undefined for hashtaggable_ids. The code that I wrote is below.

class RemoveHashtagOrphans < ActiveJob::Base   queue_as :default

  def perform(hashtaggable_id)     hashtags = SimpleHashtag::Hashtag.find(hashtaggables: hashtaggable_id)     orphans = {|h| h.hashtaggables.size == 0}   end end #RemoveHashtagOrphans.perform_at(1.month.from_now)

Original self.clean_orphan method below

def self.clean_orphans # From DB   # TODO Make this method call a single SQL query   orphans = { |h| h.hashtaggables.size == 0 } end

I need to take the clean_orphan method and convert it into a sidekiq job.

David Williams wrote in post #1183093:

These lines of code are working

orphans = {|h| h.hashtaggables.size == 0}

But, in order for the perform method to fire off. You need an argument to go along with it.