need help with controller/show.html.erb


I am attempting to display data in the requseraccount form, from the
divisions table.

For example: I have a division_id field in requseraccount that works
great. No issues getting this populated from my create form. The
problem is that I don't want to display the id when showing the form.
I want to display the division_name, which is in the division table.

Here is a copy of my code
requseraccounts_controller.rb and schema.rb:
requseraccoutns: show.html.erb:
SQL Query:

I get the following error when I try the above code:

ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in RequseraccountsController#show

   Couldn't find Division with ID=8

Which makes sense, since it is trying to do a query WHERE
division_id=8. I need the query to use requseaccount.divisions_id
(which is 2) and not (which is 8).

Any advice would be much appreciated.