Need Help [urgent]

Hi all,

I recently started working on ruby on rails to develop some web
interface. I am facing so many problems during development.


I am using already existing database:
Data base contains two tables 1. signature with signature_id as
primary key 2. sdi with sdi_id as primary key

I disabled plural option.

1. primary key problem:

    I solved this problem by setting primary key as signature_id and
sdi_id in the models directory

2. creating new signature problem:

   When I creating new signature with signature id 570, but it is
taking 0 instead of 570.

3. I want to add first and last page options on the displaying page.
Please let me know how to do this ?
      << --- first page
       < --- previous page
      > ---next page
      >> --- last page

4. I want run some Perl and python scripts to generate builds through
web interface. How to do this?

Thanks for your help in advance

Thanks & Regards,
Purushotham Reddy G

Please do not mark your message as Urgent when you are having difficulty with some development task.

Marking as Urgent is best left for truly urgent situations where something has to be done now…


Thank you for good suggestion