Need help installing a ruby on rails script

Hello. Im only used to PHP and Perl/CGI scripts. Ruby scripts are VERY confusing. I have no idea how to install ruby script. Could somebody plaese tell me how?

Thank you.

You don’t install a Ruby script. You run it, much like a PHP script. You need to have the interpreter (Ruby) and whatever dependencies your script has beforehand, then just run:

$ ruby some_script.rb

What do you mean by a ruby script? Is it just a .rb file? In which
case make sure ruby is installed then run it by
ruby the_file.rb

If you are talking about a Ruby on Rails application then I suggest
you work through a Rails tutorial such as (which is
free to use online) to find out what Rails is about.



For a quick start i recommend and which is free, quick and you will get some foundations on rails and ruby lang.

It’s possible install some scripts using rubygems library.

If it’s not what you are looking for, let us known your actual problem you are trying to solve.