Need Help here

I am trying to call the ‘New’ action in the Request controller when I check the check box present in the list action of the Request Controller.

In the List action I am having three Divisions and they are

  1. Heading (which is common for all the actions)

  2. Open Request (Here we will display the number of Requests that are Open or under Business Review and so on)

  3. Main Content(Here we will display the List of Records,Edit,New) all the actions will be updated here in this divisions as I used
    <%= render_component … %>

                                        The problem that I am facing is that when we check the check box we have to redirect to the New action and that should be similar as the general new action that comes with the ajax functionality,I am  able to redirect to the action new when I  check box is checked.But when the check box is unchecked it is giving a .RJS error as Type error:element has no Properties error.

Can anyone suggest a solution ?