naming the visitor's contact object (zena).

Hi there !

I'm working on a multi-site CMS ( In this tool, a user can participate in many websites. In each of these websites, there is a Contact node (record) for this user.

[skip] This record is used to show the person's information _for a specific website_ since nodes are not shared across websites but users are [/skip].

I have a nice omnigraffle drawing of the problem on zena's blog: (zafu is the templating language, zena is the rails app).

Hopefully, someone with better english skills then me might come up with an idea to name the visitor's Contact...

I would like to find a single word name since it's used in pseudo sql queries like:

<ul do='documents where user_id = "[visitor:id]" in project'> ... list of documents created by the visitor in the current project ... </ul>

Any idea, comment or remark welcome !


Anyone with an idea on this topic ?

Thanks for any reply...