namespaces in subclasses

I have several modules that I store in rails_root/lib and that are used by my controllers. I'm having a problem accessing AR objects from inside a class that is a subclass. I keep getting a NameError when trying to do something like Foo.find(), where Foo is an AR object.

uninitialized constant OpenTransact::Gateway::Request::CreditCardCharge::PaymentAccount (NameError)

For some reason the namespace has changed inside my class instance (an instance of CreditCardCharge) so that the AR object PaymentAccount is no longer there. If I access PaymentAccount from a class instance that is not a subclass, it works fine. What am I missing?


Hey there,

Only thing that come's to mind is that the object your trying to access hasn't been 'require'-ed, hence the 'unitialized constant' error. You might want to try the debugger < ruby-debug> and step into the code to see where the error occurs. Once you step through the code I'm sure you'll have an ah-ha moment where the error will make sense. I hope you find something that will let you work around the problem. I haven't tried namespaced models, so not sure if you'll find a fix.