Named has_*

It will be nice, if has_* methods will have named option. Example:

has_many :foos, named: :boos

equivalent of

has_many :boos, class_name: ‘Foo’, foreign_key: ‘foo_id’

IMHO it is quite often used feature. Also it will be nice to have scoped option that will allow easy flow with scoped models (i.e. Blog::Posts).

I also think it is used pretty frequent and may be a good convention. +1 on this, i personally will be glad to see this on trunk.

-1 on this. The first argument of has_many is the name you want to refer to the association by (the root name of all the generated methods), not the pluralized model name.

It’s sufficiently confusing that I’m pretty sure your expanded example is incorrect; Foo is unlikely to have a column named foo_id

—Matt Jones

Yes. I have given bad example. It should be only:

has_may :boos, class_name: ‘Foo’

I was writing fast as I encounter the problem, so don’t be mad.

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