[N00b] Javascript stopped wrking when move to application.js

Go get Firebug: http://www.getfirebug.com

You’re obviously including the javascript into your page, it’s just not getting initialized properly.


If there are no errors in the Console, then we’ll need to see what you are trying to do. The code you’ve posted doesn’t help with solving the problem.


Just as a sanity check, I put the js back in the main file, and
verified: sure enough, all works correctly. Pulled it back out, no

Ok, so where in firebug do I look to see what is different? For what am
I looking?

Set breakpoints and step through them.


Basically, you’re code is not executing. I get the feeling that it’s supposed to “just run”. This won’t happen in a file because the DOM is not yet loaded when the script is pulled in. It works in-line because javascript is run after the DOM is loaded.

You’ll need to wrap the code up in a function that gets called onload (any time after DOM is loaded, really).