MySQL broken in Edge Rails?

I'm using edge rails so I can use database migrations to create decimal
fields. When putting the app on my Debian server to test it, I got a
'Mysql not loaded' error on rake db:migrate.

Removing edge rails fixed the Mysql problem, but obviously my
migrations didn't work :wink:

Anyone else getting odd DB behaviour on the edge?

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately it didn't work for me.

I've taken the project off edge for now and horribly hacked my
migrations so they work for testing. I can try periodically checking
edge-rails to see if the problem sorts itself out... It sounds like a
config problem at my end though. It also sounds like it'll bite me
later if I don't fix it.

Has anyone else seen this? I can't find much about the error message on
the web...


Alan C Francis wrote: