Beta 7


Let me introduce Decision Engine, written in Ruby on Rails


if you...
- having a difficult time making a decision...
- need some help organizing your thoughts...
- could use some insightful advice...
- want to be sure that you made the best choice...
- want to minimize the work involved....
- want to use a logical, scientific approach...
- need to be able to explain your reasons...
- want to minimize the chances of making a mistake....

How? can help you:

Use our patent-pending decision engine to help you make those tough

- like where to go to college,
- what kind of car to buy,
- what job offer to accept,
- which employee to hire,
- which health plan is best for you,
or even where to go on your next vacation and other!

You can use this tool right now,
and if you create an account you can save your results and share your
decisions with others. Creating an account is easy, free and smart!

Thanks for any suggestions and/or propositions.


I've tried this tool, and really liked it.

How about create a decision "Choose a programming language to study"??



I've already worked with this tool,
and really like it.

What about creating decision called "Choose the programming language to


Hi there,

yes, I want to see such decision too.

Let's try to choose criteria and candidates together?

Sure, Ruby - First!

Also, I've found this decision very interesting

It has a lot of important criteria and very useful, I believe.