My Take on Hello World for Ruby on Rails

Morning folks,

Following is my take on ruby on rails and highlighting its strength in
this quick tutorial :

Do proofread it and give me your thoughts on this...

David thanks!

that will help with that huge "code block" of mysql related information.
Is there a way of creating the "database" schema or test_development
database without having to go into mysql admin?

the more the user has to go back and forth between apps (command line
and mysql admin) the better.

David A. Black wrote:

rake db:create:all (or just rake db:create if you only want the dev

great! I almost forgot both these commands!

I wonder if we can make a gui out of this? all these commands are just
ripe for being used in a gui.

Roy Pardee wrote:

Well, there are several IDEs out there. I hear good things about
netbeans, for one...

I am writing the next blog on netbeans...

I didnt have such a good experience with it.

Roy Pardee wrote: